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I’m so glad that something in my page caught your interest and guided you here!!

I am Dinesh Thakran – an avid biker on my quest to quench my wanderlust. An offbeat and adventure travel enthusiast with a passion for bikes, I started this blog to share my passion for globetrotting on my trusted machine – my Royal Enfield, followed by my tourer bike Bajaj Dominar 400 and now my recently purchased BMW F 850 GS and relate my experiences with fellow biking enthusiasts.

I decided to upgrade yet again and this time its none other than BMW F 850 GS, the very well know BMW brand which recently won the AutoCar Awards as well for its adventure tourer motorcycle series. BMW F 850 GS Pro is one of the latest adventure middleweight motorbike launched in India. The quality is top notch. This bike gets two riding modes – Rain & Road.

My first memories of biking go back to my college days when my friends and I used to go for short bike rides out of fun. Since then, I had always coveted a machine of my own. I gave wings to my dream when I bought my machine, my Royal Enfield, a few years back. I saved every penny to make my dream of owning a Royal Enfield (and out of my own pocket!!) and finally, the day arrived when I brought my most trusted and dependable companion home!

And, since that day, there has been no turning back. From the remotest village in India to the toughest mountain hike – I have lived all with my machine & on my machines. Since then, I’ve ridden trekking the toughest terrains, camping under the starlit night skies, sleeping to the sound of crickets and waking up into the crimson morning with the cry of the birds! My experiences have been many and each one is as memorable as any other.

Once I realized that life is too short to ignore our passions, I decided to plunge myself into the unknown and quench my never-die passion for exploring the world on wheels. And, my decision did pay off. Today, I have a decent following of fellow biking and travel enthusiasts who share my passion and experiences, making my larger-than-life dream come true.

I hope this small step that I have taken to bring together the community of bikers would benefit fellow biking enthusiasts as they undertake trips across the country on their machines. My blogs focus on motorcycle touring, advice, information and inspirations to make the most extraordinary trips, backpacking recommendations, tips on experiential accommodations and most importantly, responsible biking. You would find my blogs filled with tips on biking, bikes and travels, reviews of new machines on the block, gears to look out for, my thoughts and suggestions and almost anything under the sun that can help you boost your passion for this ultimate feat known as biking.

On a final note, I hope that you would love the stories that I bring to you through these pages that are enriched with my experiences as I travel on my machine to far and distant places, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, cuisines and local experiences. Whether you like to travel solo or with a friend or group of fellow bikers, my blogs will surely strike a chord with you. Through these blogs, I aim to bring something of value to each of you in some way.

Happy reading!

Royal Rider Dinesh